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 FAQs about IFLANK

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PostSubject: FAQs about IFLANK   Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:03 am

FAQs about joining IFLANK

Q: What tier do I have to be to join the clan?

A: We accept everything tier 6 and above. If you join as a lower tier (6,7) we will help you get to the higher tiers quickly.

Q: Does IFLANK participate in clan wars?

A: We are currently working on starting our campaign on the clan wars global map. So we will start clan wars quite soon.
Here's some more info about clan wars in W.o.T here

Q: How long will it take IFLANK to return an application request I sent?

A: Usially about a day.

Q: Is IFLANK active?

A: Yes. VERY. Once you are accepted, there will almost always be afew people from the clan online at all times.

Q: I'm 13 years old. Most clans reject me. Will you?

A: No, we do not judge by age at all.
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